Script categories
Advertisements related scripts like ad rotator,...
Calendar and date, time handling scripts and tools
PHP based chat scripts
Php scripts and plugins for the most popular
content management systems
File conversion tools.
Database management, backup, tuning,
... scripts and tools
Scripts that can help you in PHP development.
Email handling with PHP
File manipuletion tools like upload, download, backup.
Scripts to process forms and save the result
into database or send email.
Scripts to display various graphs and charts.
Guestbook allow visitors to leave
a message on your web site.
Scripts for image manipulation and creation.
Various link checker tools
Create and display news on your site
Polling and voting scripts
Virtual postcard sending scripts
Scripts to write reviews and / or rate an item.
Scripts to help you improve security
Website Navigation and menu systems
Web statistics sripts like counters, loggers,...
Php scripts relevant to user authentication.
Scripts to retrive and analyse web pages and rss feeds.
php web hosting relevant scripts like domain checker, meta grabber.